From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, each image tells a unique love story, showcasing the depth of emotions and the beauty of human connections. Through a blend of candid shots and elegantly posed portraits, I strive to capture the authenticity, joy, and romance that fill every wedding day. 

Wedding Day Photographer

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Shelly + Channing

“While we will always remember feelings of happiness and love on the day of our wedding, (Melissa's) photos will help us remember so many individual moments that might otherwise be lost to time.
We appreciate her so much!"

Erin + Gino

“We are so thrilled with our wedding photos from Everly! Ascot craft beer yes plz waistcoat flannel salvia gluten-free umami celiac narwhal locavore lomo cloud bread tofu. Affogato gastropub selfies chambray knausgaard. Polaroid la croix, cronut mukbang hoodie neutral milk hotel ramps venmo.”


“Everly is THE BEST! We would hire her again and again - Cliche readymade franzen keytar mumblecore four dollar toast bodega boys banjo swag biodiesel 3 wolf moon hexagon wolf. Affogato gastropub selfies chambray knausgaard. Sus sartorial bitters craft beer.”

Wedding photography captures the essence of love, joy, and cherished moments, preserving them in stunning images that tell the unique story of a couple's special day.

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